Things You Can Do with A USB Drive

USB Flash Drives are one of the easiest ways to backup and transfer files between computers, it facilitates a lot the exchange and sharing of files. Today, everyone who owns a computer certainly owns a USB flash drive, it became a necessary device to use with the PC. There are various uses of a flash drive you probably already know: transferring files, backing up important things… but there are some other things that you can do with your old USB Flash drive and you maybe never knew about them.

1. Use USB as RAM

usb-drive-1One of the best uses of a flash disk, is to use it as an additional memory to help improving the speed of your Windows. Using a built-in feature of Windows (XPand up) called ‘Ready Boost’ it will act as a RAM or Pagefile in Windows XP. It helps a lot to speed up your old computer.

2. Install an Operating System

usb-drive-2Most of the Operating Systems are installed using a bootable live CD or DVD and proceed with a full large install of the system. Today we are able to use a USB instead of using CD, flash drives can hold larger data than CDs that’s why we use it to boot and install an OS.

3. Lock your PC

Just like movies: an agent can lock his computer using a magnetic card, if you are amazed with this trick you can do it using your Flash thumb and lock/unlock your computer using it. Just Download and Install Predator app, plugin your flash disk, then after tweaking the settings just Remove it and the computer will lock down: the keyboard is blocked, the mouse frozen and the screen becomes black, to unlock it simply re-plugin the flash thumb.

4. Remove Windows Password


When using Windows you may have faced a serious problem because you forgot the Password. There are many ways to reset Windows password, some of them is using a USB thumb drive to create a live install of a Utility to enter and remove the password.

5. Protect it from Viruses

usb-drive-5If you are afraid from being infected with the USB, then you can easily protect it from viruses, malwares, trojans and malicious software.

6. Install a Minimal Linux Distribution


Last but not least, you can use USB to install a fallback Operating System, there are plenty of minimal OS that you can download and install. The most popular Linux Distributions you can use are: Puppy,  Damn Small Linux and Ubuntu Mini Remix.

Feel free to visit our blog posts if you need tips about USB drive file recovery when you lost files from your USB drive.

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