Introduce Ways for Protecting USB Drive

Because of it low price, huge space for storing files, fast speed to write or read and the portability, USB drive is widely used in our daily lives and most of us will have at least one or two USB drive for storing our files.

But just like other storage device, USB drive is only a device for us to use. Though USB drive is known as it has about one hundred thousand times read or write operation, if users do not pay attention to use it, the USB drive will also be prematurely aging. Here are some tips users may need when they are using USB drives.

Defragment Regularly-Right or Wrong?

For many users who protect their computer well, they must have a good habit for defragment regularly. In the process of deleting and storing the amount of files on the computer, defragment regularly is a good way to protect the computer hard drive. But do you know it is not good for USB drive?

The principle of storing files on the USB drive is different from computer hard drive, if users defragment for USB drive regularly, it may do some harm to the USB drive. Users can format the USB drive to instead of defragment, but don’t do it too frequently.

Store and Delete Files-Try to Do Each Operation One Time

When users process any operations on the USB drive (no matter read or write operation), all the data on the USB drive will be refreshed again. That means, no matter how many files you delete or store on USB drive, each operation of deleting or storing will make the whole files on the USB drive be refreshed again. In a simple example, if users store 10 files into a USB drive, the USB drive will be refreshed 10 times. This will make physical loss or damage on the physical medium of the USB drive. So next time, compress the files in one package and then store it into the USB drive.

Pull out USB Drive When It is No Use

Some users like to connect the USB drive with the computer and after using it . They haven’t pulled it out. But they may not know this action will bring damage to their personal information. If the USB drive is still connected with PC, and the PC is surfing the web, some computer virus will be transferred to the USB drive and it may break, even steal your personal information from the computer or USB drive. So if don’t need to use the USB drive, I suggest pulling it out of the PC.

Hotplug Doesn’t Means Plug or Pull Optionally

As we all know, USB drive is a device which supports hotplug. But it doesn’t mean users can plug or pull optionally. When the USB drive is reading or writing files, if users pull it out, this action will damage the USB drive itself or the files which is stored on it.

Final Though

Take good care of using the USB drive can make the USB drive work well and store files for a long time. So just take the tips above to protect the USB drive. Our site has more articles about using or protecting USB drive data like recovering lost files from the USB drive, just feels free to read more.