How to Recover the Important Files for the USB Drive

Because USB drives, sometimes known as thumb drive, are small, readily available, inexpensive, and extremely portable, they are popular for storing and transporting files from one computer to another. However, these same characteristics make them appealing to attackers. Today’s article will show you what makes the data lost happen and how to recover lost data from USB drive.

What security risks are associated with USB drives?

risk of your usb driveOne option is for attackers to use your USB drive to infect other computers. An attacker might infect a computer with malicious code, or malware that can detect when a USB drive is plugged into a computer. The malware then downloads malicious code onto the drive. When the USB drive is plugged into another computer, the malware infects that computer.

Some attackers have also targeted electronic devices directly, infecting items such as electronic picture frames and USB drives during production. When users buy the infected products and plug them into their computers, malware is installed on their computers.

Attackers may also use their USB drives to steal information directly from a computer. If an attacker can physically access a computer, he or she can download sensitive information directly onto a USB drive. Even computers that have been turned off may be vulnerable, because a computer’s memory is still active for several minutes without power. If an attacker can plug a USB drive into the computer during that time, he or she can quickly reboot the system from the USB drive and copy the computer’s memory, including passwords, encryption keys, and other sensitive data, onto the drive. Victims may not even realize that their computers were attacked.

All of this can make the data loss problem happen. So what to do? Take it easy, just keep reading.

How Can We Protect the Data?

There are steps you can take to protect the data on your USB drive and on any computer that you might plug the drive into:

Take advantage of security features-Use passwords and encryption on your USB drive to protect your data, and make sure that you have the information backed up in case your drive is lost.

Keep personal and business USB drives separate-Do not use personal USB drives on computers owned by your organization, and do not plug USB drives containing corporate information into your personal computer.

Use and maintain security software, and keep all software up to date-Use a firewall, anti-virus software, and anti-spyware software to make your computer less vulnerable to attacks, and make sure to keep the virus definitions current. Also, keep the software on your computer up to date by applying any necessary patches (see Understanding Patches for more information).

Do not plug an unknown USB drive into your computer-If you find a USB drive, give it to the appropriate authorities (a location’s security personnel, your organization’s IT department, etc.). Do not plug it into your computer to view the contents or to try to identify the owner.

What If the Data Loss Happen?

If the data loss happened on your USB drive, you need to do the thing below quickly:

how to choose the data recovery tool for your usb drive1. Stop using your USB drive at once. Because if you keep using the USB drive, the so called “data overwritten situation” will come up. This means the new data will take place the original data’s space. What’s that mean? The lost files or data are not really lost but just the space which belongs to them had been freed up by the system and wait for the new data. If the new data have been put into this space, the lost files cannot be recovered forever.

2. Find the solution. To tell you the truth, only two ways for you to get the lost data back. One is take it to the repair store or the USB drive support center, the other is to search for the data recovery tool. Go to the repair store may help you a lot, but this method will also take you lots of time and money, moreover, sometimes your individual privacy may be leaked.

If you decide to turn to the data recovery tool, you also need to pay attention to this:

1. There won’t be the free data recovery tool on the net since the data recovery operation is a hard task for the software to do, so you should choose the trustworthy and moderate price one.

2. Check for the scanning or searching ability, if this kind of ability can fit for your requirement and find out your files, you can consider choosing it to help you a lot.

3. The ability of data recovery. The software must have the strongly ability to help you in recovering the lost data.

Once you can make sure the points above, then you will have a big chance to get your lost files back from your USB drive.

Kindly Remind

1. According to the research, almost 70% of data loss is caused by the human error, so be careful of using your device can reduce the chance of data loss problem.

2. No matter what reasons make the data loss happen, keep calm and protect your device away from the physical damage first, then you need to search the solution.

3. To help you to learn about the knowledge of the USB drive so that you can use it in the right way, another post in our site can help you a lot.


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