How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error on Your Computer

Most of the time, when you start your computer whether it is Windows 8, 7 or XP or MAC OS X based operating systems, you encounter an pop up “USB Device Not Recognized” error. This pop up comes specially when one or more USB device is not detected or do not working properly.

1 The reason can different in every case. I mean suppose, if you have upgraded your regular operating system with the one which is not supported by hardware, USB devices would not support it properly and Windows will show you USB device not recognized pop up.


Fix: You should update hardware drivers such as USB drivers for Printer, Internet Dongles, Monitor, Mouse or Keyboard. Many times, because of unsupported Operating system, Windows detects only front side USB ports rather than both back side and front side USB ports. I would recommend to update your hardware drivers from official website only.

Suppose, you have purchased your computer and or Mouse or Keyboard that is conflicting USB, try to update that hardware device from that developer website only. It would fix USB device not recognized error immediately.

2 Conflict between two USB devices. It might possible that one USB device may conflict with other one. Suppose, this is your case, because we can’t predict the correct cause every time, we need to apply each solution one by one.

Fix: Remove one of your USB device and start your computer, look it helps or not. If it doesn’t work, try another USB device.

3 Update USB drivers: Suppose, you’re using Windows 7 or Windows XP, normally these operating systems don’t give you USB device not recognized pop up, because it supports large number of hardware devices and hardly you get errors on them. Unfortunately, if you’re getting USB device not detectable error on Windows 7 or XP, you need to follow below steps.

Fix: Go to “Device Manager”, look for any Undefined USB devices, if there is any one. Right click on it and Update the driver.


I do hope the above information can help you to solve your problems. You can also visit more support articles on our site whenever you want if you meet other problems about your USB drive.

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