Best Way to Recover Data From Hard Drives

Best Way to Recover Data From Hard DrivesDo you know how to recover data from hard drives? One of the most common questions asked related to data loss is how to recovery hard drives. The issue of losing data is increasing day by day. The capacity of the hard disk is expanding as more information is copied onto them. Hard drives and external drives are very reliable and users are increasing their use.

Sometimes it happens that accidentally you delete files. This often happens with Mac users and we understand why they might be worried. The loss of data occurs with Mac users when they accidentally format hard drive. Formatting the hard drive might be required if an error occurs. This might result in losing all the data. Recovering data from hard drive leaves users confused.

If you have lost a file on your hard drive, what do you do next? There is no need to panic, you can recover the files easily. uFlysoft Data Recovery is a great software to help you recover files. It is an expert and powerful data recovery tool. It offers several types of complete disk recovery that helps in retrieving lost photos or videos.

Moreover, this software supports NTFS or FAT recovery and SD camera recovery as well. Whether you lost files on hard drive or SD card or USB Drive, uFlysoft Data Recovery is the best choice.

Take a look at the steps to recover data from hard drives.

Steps to Follow for Recovering Data

Are you wondering how to recovery hard drives data? Following are the steps that you should adhere for recovering data from hard drives:

Step 1

The first step is to download the uFlysoft Data Recovery and install it.

Step 2

Then you should choose from the 2 functions, data recovery or email repair. For recovering data from hard drive, you must choose data recovery. After that you will find 4 recovery modes, you have to choose the option that is best suitable.

  • Deleted Recovery- this helps in finding and recovering the deleted files
  • Format Recovery- this recovers files from a formatted disk partition
  • Partition Recovery- it helps in recovering corrupted, lost partitions and disk information
  • Raw Recovery- the files are deeply scanned and recovered from FAT/NTFS file systems

Step 3

After selecting the recovery mode, you must choose a file for the scan. Click the ‘Scan’ button so it can start searching for files.

Step 4

Once the scanning process is finished, the found files will be listed on the left side of the screen. You can check the files that you need to get back and click ‘Recover”.

Step 5

In case you can’t get back your files, you can go back and choose a different disk. It is recommended that you try the raw recovery mode.

Therefore, recovering files through uFlysoft Data Recovery is easy and hassle-free. It is the best solution to how to recovery hard drives data.

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